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Timothy L. Keenen, MD

Portland spine surgery reviews and patient feedback. Read about patient success stories about their spine surgery in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas with Pacific Spine Specialists. To read more independent reviews from and about Pacific Spine Specialists.

  • Dr. Keenen gave me my life back.

    Dr. Keenen was the right choice for me. Being under 40, spine surgery scared me. I saw 3 different surgeons and Dr. Keenen was the only one who made me feel safe, knowledgeable and ready for such a big event. He took time to explain everything to me, answered every question I had and let me know that the choice I had finally come to was going to be life-changing, for the better.

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  • This surgery has been literally life-altering.

    I had two bulging disks in my lower back that caused nerve loss and 50% muscle loss to my right leg. Dr. Keenan and I agreed on the urgency for surgery, which was performed within one week. The surgery was successful and my physical therapy is producing excellent results. This surgery has been literally life-altering

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  • Dr. Keenen was an absolute God send!

    Dr. Keenen was an absolute God send! He gave a much more accurate diagnosis than another doctor I consulted. He changed his schedule to provide an emergency surgery for me. I would have been paralyzed for life without having this emergency surgery. The follow up visits were great as well. I felt very well taken care of and well informed about how to recover after the surgery, so that I knew my limitations and was confident about not injuring myself.

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  • Spinal surgery is a big deal and I appreciated that while this is their every day, they treated me like it was the big deal it was to me.

    I got three different opinions before my spinal fusion surgery. I chose to “interview” Dr. Keenen based on the comments and recommendations from my physical therapists. That’s right, multiple therapists over the course of three years mentioned I should get a consultation with Dr. Keenen. I finally did, and am so happy I did. I was terrified of surgery and cried EVERY time a doc told me the same outcome.

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  • I am very satisfied and would highly recommend Dr. Keenen to those considering surgery.

    I had suffered from debilitating pain causes by severe stenosis L4/L5 for svrl yrs. As a very active person—running, working out, trekking with a backpack, long walks–I could not stand the inability to do these chosen activities as well as not being able to stand or even walk more than 5 mins or feel comfortable around my home.

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