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Timothy L. Keenen, MD

Portland spine surgery reviews and patient feedback. Read about patient success stories about their spine surgery in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas with Pacific Spine Specialists. To read more independent reviews from and about Pacific Spine Specialists.

  • Highly recommend Dr. Keenen

    I went with Dr.Keenen as he also had done some spine surgery for a family member, he was very precise and had good explanations for the type of surgery i was going to have. He did a spine fusion of my L5 S1 and after recovery I am feeling much better than prior, able to do my daily activities longer with out the need to rest like before or be in terrible pain. Highly recommend Dr. Keenen

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  • Overall the experience was great and I can,t believe the possibilities that lay ahead for me.

    I have been to other spine specialists over the years and never got the assurances I received from Dr. Keenen. By that I mean he was actually focused on me the patient. He looked me in the eye while I spoke and I felt important to him. He also provided me another assurance as having had the procedure himself,so he knows both sides of the table to speak of.

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  • No more pain. Was able to get the diagnosis and eventually surgery.

    No more pain. Was able to get the diagnosis and eventually surgery. Took more time than I wanted, but it took less time than other people I talked to with similar problems. He’s busy for a reason, and insurance companies don’t want to spend more than they have to.

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  • Excellent orthopedic spine surgeon!

    Excellent orthopedic spine surgeon! Took his time with me and did all the proper preliminary tests to determine what surgery would help me the most. Kind staff. I was able to get in quickly which was important to me. Follow up was excellent . My pain was gone after my cervicall fusion! Highly recommended.

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  • Everything went as scheduled.

    I had spine surgery a few months ago. I had been told by another surgeon that my issues were too extensive for him to operate. I found Dr. Keenen through my physical therapist. Dr Keenen explained clearly and concisely what was wrong and what could be corrected. He showed me the MRI from several perspectives.

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