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This has changed my life…

Portland spine surgery reviews and patient feedback. Read about patient success stories about their spine surgery in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas with Pacific Spine Specialists. To read more independent reviews from and about Pacific Spine Specialists.

“I was in back pain for 15-years. Dr. Keenen, preformed a lumbar fusion on L4/L5. This was my 2nd surgery on my back and I was very concerned if a second surgery would help. After evaluating my RMI, Dr. Keenen, called me ( That was a new experience. Having the Dr. call me), and I was able to have a Q & A about my condition, and concerns. For me and open conversation was just what I needed! 1-year after surgery, I have never felt better. Any one contemplating lumbar surgery that would like would like to hear more about my experience please feel free to contact me. This has changed my life…”

~ D Voeller on August 31st, 2015 at