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Dr. Keenen gave me my life back.

Portland spine surgery reviews and patient feedback. Read about patient success stories about their spine surgery in Portland, OR and the surrounding areas with Pacific Spine Specialists. To read more independent reviews from and about Pacific Spine Specialists.

“Dr. Keenen was the right choice for me. Being under 40, spine surgery scared me. I saw 3 different surgeons and Dr. Keenen was the only one who made me feel safe, knowledgeable and ready for such a big event. He took time to explain everything to me, answered every question I had and let me know that the choice I had finally come to was going to be life-changing, for the better. I had a disc replacement and fusion on L4/L5 and S1/L5. My legs were going numb, I couldn’t sit for longer than 20 minutes and no amount of Physical Therapy or injections was helping, this was my last resort. Dr. Keenen told me EXACTLY what would happen, how surgery would go, what to expect post surgery and how future life would be impacted. Everything went exactly as Dr. Keenen had discussed. I am now 4 months post surgery, have been on 5 mile hikes, play volleyball with my daughter, getting ready to water ski and will be snow skiing in 4 more months. I have my life back, I have my family back and I have never been more happy with a medical decision. Dr. Keenen gave me my life back.”

~ D Thies on April 11th, 2016 From