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Our Philosophy

Learn about the philosophy of individualize quality care that makes Dr Hiratzka Pacific Spine Specialist, one of the top Portland spine surgeon practices located in Tualatin, Oregon near Portland.

Approach to Surgery

Dr. Hiratzka has built his reputation and practice upon accurately diagnosing patients’ spine conditions. A complete, mindful assessment is conducted of each patients’ abnormalities, injuries, and their desired recovery expectations. Dr. Hiratzka is a highly experienced Portland spine surgeon with experience in state-of-the-art procedures and leading edge technology for faster recovery times. Their philosophy is to offer each patient the right surgery for the right reason at the right time. If surgery is not indicated, our staff will gladly facilitate your referral to expert quality non-surgical providers to manage your spine condition.

Dr. Hiratzka and his spine team will work to find the source of your pain. A patient history, pain diagram, and physical exam will be matched to the findings on your imaging tests (MRI, CT scan, X-ray). In addition, localizing anesthetic / cortisone injections may be used to correlate the symptoms with the findings on imaging.

Bone Health

Our team takes a holistic approach in caring for the spine. Bone Density testing and Vitamin D blood levels are frequently done prior to surgery. Many people are surprised to find out that they need a larger booster Vitamin D doses in addition to their current daily supplement.


The Pre-habilitation Program is designed for stretching and strengthening before and after surgery, and provides you with an optimal surgical recovery. Dr. Hiratzka firmly believes that surgical results are improved with dedicated exercise therapy (pre-habilitation or pre-hab) before and after surgery. The use of pre-habilitation is a relatively new concept that could dramatically improve outcomes for someone undergoing lumbar fusion, especially when used in combination with the minimally invasive technique where important spinal muscles are preserved, thus speeding recovery. Establishing a safe, effective exercise regimen, sound dietary habits and tobacco-free lifestyle are the backbones for powerful long-term outcomes.

State of the Art/ Next Generation Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Technique

After studying with national experts who have revolutionized MIS, and using state of the art spine instrumentation, Dr. Hiratzka is able to perform this spine surgery through one small incision with minimal soft tissue injury.  This unique minimally invasive technique brings maximal protection and preservation of the essential supporting multifidus muscle of the lumbar spine.

The technique allows decompression and fusion operations to be done by separating the muscle fibers without detaching the muscle from the spine. This allows a much smaller incision with less injury to the muscle. It is professionally rewarding for our surgeons to witness patients experience success with shorter and easier recovery times after fusions, discectomies or decompressions.