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What is Spine Therapy and Can It Work for You?

Orthopedic spine therapy is a type of physical therapy treatment that is specifically designed for patients with spine-related conditions. It can be a successful, non-invasive method to treat spine conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, and facet syndrome. Orthopedic spine therapy is also an effective treatment for patients who have undergone spinal surgery. For more information on spine therapy and how it works, read on.

Spine Therapy vs. Physical Therapy

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Rather than providing you with a general physical therapy routine, an orthopedic spine therapist will create a custom plan that is ideal for back pain relief. Orthopedic spine therapists have experience and hands-on skills that can help ease back pain to prompt spinal structures, muscles, and tissues to move properly. Instead of working with a traditional physical therapist, you’ll collaborate with a professional who has the skill set to solve your specific spinal issue.

How Spine Therapy Works

An orthopedic spine therapist will ask you to perform a series of repeated positions and movements so that he or she can evaluate your mechanical and symptomatic response. Determining what types of responses improve or hinder your symptoms can help an orthopedic spine therapist prescribe the right exercises.

Orthopedic spine therapists have years of experience in core-strengthening manual therapy procedures, exercise-based therapeutic techniques, pain management modalities, and patient education. Here are further details on some of these methods:

  • Manual Therapy: Hands-on treatment in which a spine therapist performs certain joint mobilization and soft tissue procedures in order to restore function and normalize tissue mechanics is known as manual therapy.
  • Pain Management Modalities: Most patients that opt for spine therapy are looking for relief from pain and inflammation. Through a variety of pain management modalities such as heat, ice, laser treatments, and ultrasounds, patients can relieve their discomfort.
  • Exercise-Based Therapeutic Techniques: Flexibility, balance, strength, and endurance are all essential for back pain patients to achieve proper mechanics and avoid injuries in the future. Exercise-based therapeutic techniques consist of stretching and strengthening exercises that may be completed with a spine therapist and/or at home.
  • Patient Education: Patient education is a vital aspect of orthopedic spine therapy. Orthopedic spine therapists will educate you on valuable techniques that will minimize your current symptoms and prevent injury in the future.

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