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New Years Resolution: Ease Spine Pain with Pacific Spine Specialists

If 2018 is the year you have promised yourself you will live ease or eliminate spine pain then look no further than Pacific Spine Specialists. Dr. Timothy Keenen is an expert in the field of spine pain and is committed to helping his patients achieve a life with little to no pain. Through a combination of non-invasive, minimally invasive, and open surgical procedures, Dr. Keenen will assist you in making your New Year’s Resolution a reality.

Before scheduling an appointment with a spine expert, such as Dr. Timothy Keenen, here are a few tips to try at home to minimize your spine pain. If these fail to produce results, it may be time to seek the attention you deserve.

Tips for Living a More Spine Pain Free life in 2018

  • Quit Smoking. If your New Year’s Resolution is to have less spine pain, you should also add “quit smoking” to that list. Research has shown that smokers are more likely to experience back pain than people who don’t smoke. Therefore, it is time to make a conscious health change that is good for your whole body, from your lungs to your spine.
  • Exercise Regularly. There are so many reasons why regular exercise is good for your health. However, when it comes to spine pain, exercise  can help you strengthen and lengthen the muscles that support your spine, lessening pain. We recommend exercising at least a few times a week. Ideas of exercises that are effective but easy on the spine include fast walking, cycling, swimming, and elliptical training.
  • Adjust daily activities. If a daily chore or activity causes you pain, try modifying this activity to find a more comfortable position. For example,  when you are cleaning your home, stand upright and move with the vacuum instead of leaning over.  Also, when driving,  adjust the height of your seat so that your knees are slightly bent and your spine is supported by the back of the seat. Slight modifications such as these may make all the difference in your spine pain.
  • Watch Your Back. If you use a backpack on a regular basis or frequently carry heavy items on your back (think piggyback rides with the kids), spine pain may be a result. Try replacing your backpack with a shoulder bag, or if a backpack is a necessity, opt for one  that features wide, padded straps as well as compartments of various sizes that can help evenly distribute weight

Learn More About Living Spine Pain Free in 2018

If the tips above fail to produce results, schedule an appointment with Pacific Spine Specialists today. Dr. Keenen will have you living spine pain free in no time.