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How to Prepare for Your Minimally Invasive Procedure at Our Oregon Spine Center

Our Oregon Spine Center specializes in minimally invasive surgery techniques that will treat spinal conditions of the neck and low back quicker and more efficient than traditional surgical procedures. At Pacific Spine, we believe that a minimally invasive approach to cervical spine surgery allows for less incisions, a shorter recovery period, and faster results. Once you decide on a minimally invasive surgery at our Oregon Spine Center, you can take the following steps to prepare for the procedure:

How to Prepare for Your Minimally Invasive Procedure at Our Oregon Spine Center

Educate Yourself on the Surgery

Prior to the day of the procedure, it’s vital for you to learn as much as possible about the surgery itself, the results you can expect, and recovery process. You will meet with orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Keenen for a consultation before the procedure to go over your personal goals and the details of the surgery itself. During this time, be sure to ask any questions you may have so that your expectations are clear and you have realistic goals on the outcome of the procedure.

Focus on Pre-Habilitation

The purpose of pre-habilitation is to prepare your body for the stresses of a surgery and ensure that you are as strong as possible on the day of the operation. Exercise therapy is a form of pre-habilitation and a great way to stretch and strengthen your body before surgery. Pre-habilitation can speed up the recovery process and improve the outcome of your minimally invasive procedure. Dr. Keenen believes that the stronger you are before the surgery, the stronger you’ll be after.

Avoid Certain Foods and Medications

During the days leading up to the minimally invasive procedure, you will be directed to avoid certain foods and medications. In addition, Dr. Keenen may prescribe some medications that you will be required to take before the operation. It’s important to adhere to these requirements to ensure optimal success of your procedure.

Select an Advocate

It’s a good idea to inform a family member or close friend of what you can expect following the surgery. This way, you will have an advocate to watch over you during the recovery process and help you with any post-surgical support you may need.

The team at Pacific Spine will make sure that you are well prepared for the day of your minimally invasive procedure. Our Oregon Spine Center has the resources and tools you need to solve your spine issues and live a healthy, happy life. For more information on our minimally invasive surgeries, contact us today.