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5 Reasons to Undergo Surgery at Providence Willamette Falls Hospital

If you’ve been suffering from back pain and believe surgery may be in your future, it’s important to select the very best hospital for your procedure. Providence Willamette Falls Hospital is the fourth and newest hospital in Providence, and an exceptional place to undergo spine surgeries in Oregon and Southeast Washington. Here are five of the many reasons you should consider undergoing surgery at Providence Willamette Falls Hospital:

  1. Renowned Spine Surgeon, Dr. Timothy Keenen

Board certified and fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Timothy Keenen has successfully implemented the first JCAH-certified spine center in Oregon and is pleased to perform surgeries at Providence Willamette Falls Hospital.

He’s conducted thousands of simple to highly complex spine surgeries and taught at Oregon Health Sciences University for 8 years. Dr. Keenen is dedicated to ensuring every patient receives the most effective surgery to achieve optimal pain relief and function.

  1. Specialization in Minimally Invasive Surgeries

Providence Willamette Falls Hospital is home to many renowned surgeons, such as Dr. Timothy Keenen of Pacific Spine Specialists, who specializes in minimally invasive surgeries. Minimally invasive surgery offers smaller incisions and the ability to leave the strong muscle fibers intact with the spine. Whenever possible, minimally invasive surgeries are recommended because they offer a variety of benefits that cannot be enjoyed with traditional open spine surgeries. Some of these benefits include less post-operative pain, minimal scarring, less soft tissue and muscle damage, and a faster recovery.

Lumbar partial discectomy, IMERGENT minimally invasive TLIF, and lateral lumbar interbody fusion or XLIF are examples of a few of the minimally invasive surgeries performed by Dr. Keenen at Providence Willamette Falls Hospital.

  1. Surgeries for Various Spinal Conditions

At Providence Willamette Falls Hospital, Dr. Keenen offers a wide array of surgeries to treat various spinal conditions. Some of the most common conditions treated include degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, and spinal fractures.

  1. Individualized Care and Attention

The staff at Providence Willamette Falls Hospital puts a patients care first. Whether you are going in for an outpatient or inpatient procedure, you will feel right at home. From the front desk staff to the nurses and aids, individualized care and attention is what you will receive at Providence Willamette Falls.

  1. Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies

Spine technology evolves at a rapid pace and allows surgeons to perform safer, quicker, and less costly procedures. If you make the smart decision to undergo spine surgery at Providence Willamette Falls Hospital, you can expect access to the advanced technologies available.

Interested in Surgery at Providence Willamette Falls Hospital? Contact Pacific Spine Specialists

For more information on spine surgeries at Providence Willamette Falls Hospital, we encourage you to contact Pacific Spine Specialists today. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you schedule the right procedure for your spinal condition.