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30+ Years of Surgical Spine Care Experience in Portland, OR

At Pacific Spine Specialists, we are your Portland spine surgeons and spine surgery experts. We are located near and service all of the Portland, OR area with offices located close by in Tualatin, OR. Dr. Timothy Keenen, Dr Jayme Hiratzka, and their personally trained staff of spine surgery experts conduct a complete, mindful assessment on each patient’s spinal abnormalities, spine injuries, and desired recovery expectations. Read more

State of the Art/ Next GenerationMinimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) Technique

Minimally invasive back surgery has been used for many years now, and what this means has changed over time. Next generation minimally invasive techniques leave the strong muscle fibers attached to the spine, allowing strength to be maintained. Just as placing a phone call has transformed from the dial phone on a desk to the smart phone in your hand, minimally invasive surgery has changed the way many spine problems are treated, allowing for earlier mobilization and less early postoperative pain.

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Patient Testimonials Portland spine surgery reviews and patient feedback. Read about patient success stories about their spine surgery in Portland, OR
  • He was very good.

    Dr. Hiratzka was very complete, answered all my questions, and respected everything that... every little thing and gave me a real good working concept of my situation. He was very good.

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  • I was impressed not only with his skill as a surgeon

    I was impressed not only with his skill as a surgeon, but also his calm and easy manner.

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  • Jayme Hiratzka is an awesome doctor

    OHSU and the doctors are all very good. I have no complaints at all about it Jayme Hiratzka is an awesome doctor. So all the staff that I worked with.

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  • I also play ball and frisbee with her

    Dr. Hiratzka operated on my back/spine almost one year ago. Until that time, I could not lie in a bed for a year and was in constant pain. I could manage sleeping sitting in a chair.Since the surgery, I have had NO pain. NO PAIN. He obviously very skilled. He changed my life. I will be forever grateful to him.My recovery from surgery was incremental but always positive.

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  • He is a gifted surgeon

    I have complete faith and trust in Dr. Hiratzka. He is a gifted surgeon . He listens attentively and explains things in a way that is easily understood. My body has not felt this good for 26 years and I am truly grateful for his expertise.

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  • I was very very pleased with him

    I was very very pleased with him. I'm just very disappointed that he's going to be leaving, but I hope that he'll be able to take care of other people as well as he did me. Thank you.

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  • He's very thorough and he...and he does a good job

    He's very thorough and he...and he does a good job and I wish I would've went to him years ago, but I don't know how long he's been there, but, he listens to you and....and figures out what's the best for you. Thank you.

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  • This doctor was great

    This doctor was great. I appreciated his understanding and his politeness and professionalism. It was just a really good, completely.

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  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    My experience was with Dr. Hiratzka. He had a part in putting me back together after a severe car accident and for that I am eternally grateful! He is an amazing Dr., Very personable, thorough, and actually listened to any questions I had. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  • I found Dr.Hiratzka a great doctor

    I found Dr.Hiratzka a great doctor that was always willing to take as much time as I wanted to discuss my medical with me. He also did a wonderfull job of making sure to explain things in a way that didn't require me to be a doctor to understand him. I will miss having him to finish seeing me through my recovery period. I wish him all the best with his change in life.

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